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Encino Community Church

At Encino Community Church We Believe... the universality of God, Father/Mother, which is the reality of all being and the Author of Life;

...that some of the attributes of God are life, love, power mind, substance and beauty;

...that we are the individualized expression of the nature of God;

...that our highest purpose is to become conscious of our unity with God and to express Goodness in our daily living;

...that we experience peace, health, happiness abundant living in equal measure to our relationship with God; the spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ as revealing the Kingdom of God within and the affirmative power of faith;

and, the indestructibility of Truth, the supremacy of good, and the immortality of Life.


This is a free and independent church.

Each individual who would come into the warmth and beauty of this sanctuary is privileged to worship at the altar of his own faith.

In an atmosphere of Freedom and Light will true religion be experienced, not in the formality of church, but in the heart and mind of man.